World Mental Health Day is Oct 10th 2019 and I wanted to create a page for anyone to access, to encourage us to start having conversations.

Sometimes 5/10 minutes is #justenough. Often people tell me that they can’t face fixing themselves, and don’t know where to start.


We can massively overthink our mental health.


As a society when we talk about mental health, we are often focusing on what is wrong with us, how broken we are and what diagnosis we have. My job and the job for all of us, is to start looking in the right direction. Seeing that we have innate wellbeing, we are resilient, we all work in the same way, we are all equal and amazing!

On this page are just some ideas of how you can start the conversation, whether that’s at work or at home, with adults or children. 

Worrying about what other people think, pleasing others!

Panic Attacks!

Pets & Thoughts

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I am worried I will make my child anxious…

If You Are Ever In A Flap…

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How Can We Stop Layering Thoughts?

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