6-Week Parenting Course


One of the most common messages I get on a weekly basis is from really loving parents who feel at a complete loss on how to support their children and their mental health.

😏Maybe it’s my anxiety that’s making them anxious?

😏I am so worried about saying the wrong thing and making them worse.

😏My partner just doesn’t seem to understand and I feel so alone with it all.

😏I just want my children to be happy.

😏I worry about their future

😏What if its gets worse?

This is a very small snippet of the concerned and panicked messages I receive. This was the drive behind me creating the Parenting Course so that I could help families everywhere have a better understanding of mental health, feel so much more grounded in order to support their children and explore an understanding that gives us ALL access to more peace of mind in every day life.

Now we all know ‘stuff’ happens and that we can be faced with challenges in life, none of us are exception to that. The good news is, that in finding more peace of mind, we are able to manage more of what life throws at us.

This course isn’t just for those with anxiety, depression or who overthinking, but rather its for anyone who wants to explore what it means to be human, creating more acceptance, less striving for perfection (it doesn’t exist!) and feeling much better in the process!

Want to know more?


How does it work? 

You can access all of the content from the comfort of your own home

Watch the material at a time to suit you

Have access to Coaching Healthy Minds for as many questions as you like over the six weeks. (This is the reason for the course being spread over the six weeks so that we can really explore over a good period of time).

The day you sign up will be the same day each week that you receive your video. You will then be encouraged to email me your questions within a few days where possible so that I can come back to you with either a video or written response depending on your questions.

If you dislike emailing or typing then you can have access to send me a voice recording on whatsapp too!

What is included?

6 Pre recorded parenting videos covering topics such as how the mind actually works (this is done in a very simplistic way for children to understand also).

Answers to unlimited amounts of questions each week after each video – this usually consists of at least an hour of my time per week throughout the course – worth £360.

A digital copy of my Healthy Minds Manual for families – worth £19.95.

A different perspective on parenting & life in general.

What to do next?

Just sign up below and you will receive your initial email instantly with how to get started!

I cant wait to work with you,

Love Sarie x