Today I went into a zero gravity floating pod. I had never been in one before and years ago when they first came out I probably wouldn’t have because I would have convinced myself I couldn’t. Dark, small, confined space. No chance!

I no longer take any notice when I start having what if, fantasy thoughts about something I have never experienced before, so I went and thought nothing if it.

I am always having insights into human nature in my every day life. I am always seeing reminders and realising things more and more. It’s what happens naturally when we explore how things work, we keep seeing it.

Today in the pod, whilst floating in water in the dark I realised something. I realised that I was having occasional thoughts around whether I needed to check I was still floating! What if I fall asleep and fall under the water?

These were not panic thoughts just curious and wondering. The salt in the water is what ensures we keep floating and so it was all taken care of. I just didn’t understand how. In the past when I was regularly anxious I was always trying to work out why and what. I felt that I needed to suss out exactly what was happening and try and fix myself.

There was then a couple of times when I started to nod off and then would find myself moving in the water and my awareness going back to the fact I was floating in water and this somehow didn’t seem right! I would then find my arms moving position almost to try and hold myself up until I would then realise I didn’t need to. I did this a few times as I kept forgetting that it was all taken care of.

This is how we can be when we first start to explore that we don’t need to stop or control thoughts. In actual fact we cant.

We get more relief and less suffering when we leave thoughts and let them do what they do all by themselves, which is come and go pretty quickly! When we hold on to thoughts and give them far too much energy and start to believe them, it’s like me trying to keep myself afloat in a tank of salt water, I don’t need to and in actual fact when I start to move about I was more uncomfortable and didn’t seem to float as well. When I when trusted that it was taken care of I floated very still and calmly and it was wonderful!

Trust that thoughts will come and go, it’s just what happens. We don’t need to believe them. They are only ever our perception.

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