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To Parents, children, teachers and anyone else feeling overwhelmed right now…

I am fortunate in that when something like the corona virus comes along it doesn’t affect my work too much as I work from home and already a lot of my work is completed online.

If anything, my number of enquiries and bookings increase. Yet with that comes sadness in that I see how so many people go into panic or find these situations really quite overwhelming.

We are human and so if I said I hadn’t had some thoughts about it, I would be telling lies. I am not saying its not normal or OK to have these thoughts – however, what I do know is that there is a difference between concern and complete overwhelm and panic.

This got me thinking, what can I do to help?

I am not medically trained and cannot help anyone with facts or information around the virus.

I, like you, am just waiting for recommendations form those that know and will follow what is requested.

What I can offer is support and understanding around the worry, anxiety and panic.

I have decided to plan some time in and make space to do exactly this.

I will cover the understanding that I currently explore with clients, how human nature works, stress, anxiety and overthinking.


The first will be for any parents, teachers or carers who would like to understand more how to reduce their own worry and anxiety, as well as help those around them.

The first one will take place on Wednesday the 18th March at 8pm (UK time) – Online & FREE.

This will be online so you can join me from the comfort of your own home and will last an hour.

Don’t worry about the technology side and how that will work, I will make it easy for you to access on a pc, ipad or phone and when you reserve your spot you will receive an email the day before with very clear instructions to join me.

There will be limited places (although there are quite a few) as the software only allows so many people to join me. 

The second one (aimed at kids) will take place on Thursday 19th March at 1pm (UK time) – Online & FREE.

This session will also last half an hour. This session will be suitable for children between the ages of approx. 10 and 16 years.

Obviously all children are different but feel free to join your child/children for the session and then you can help them explore the understanding, as you know them better than I will.

This will be a fun and light-hearted session.

This would be suitable if your child is currently off school during the day as it gives them a structured time from home to explore a really important topic! If your child is still in school, I am more than happy for any schools or classes to stream live with us or you could show your child at a later time via the recording that I will email out afterwards.

Again if you want to join us please do not worry about the technology side of things, as this will all be covered before we start and I will make it easy for you!

If you have any questions just let me know (you can hit the button below, or head over to my >>FACEBOOK PAGE<< and drop me a message) and feel free to attend both sessions! As long as the demand is there I will keep doing these weekly for a while. Once you’ve entered your details on either (or both!) of the sign up pages above, we will keep you informed directly to your inbox of the dates and times of the next class(es).

Love Sarie x

Why connect with Sarie?

Sarie is a best selling author and coach who experienced debilitating anxiety herself in her early 20s.

Since then Sarie has trained in a number of disciplines including training as a psychotherpaist and has now helped hundreds of others change their relationship with stress and anxiety.