Are you a key worker?

If you have no choice but to keep going through our latest lockdown, firstly, I want to say thank you.  THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO.

Are you feeling worried? Fearful? Anxious? Concerned? 

Here we are again in lockdown and as I sit and reflect on all the things I am grateful for, my heart goes out to those key workers who have no choice but to carry on, fearful and overwhelmed.

I completely understand.   That’s why, to say thank you in my own way for all that you do, I’ve quickly brought together a 2 week programme to support you, whilst you’re busy on the front line supporting all of us.

I know it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but from Monday 9th November I am going to run a two week course/support for all key workers.

It won’t cost you a penny, it’s completely free for all key workers, so please let your front line friends know too!


This completely free two week programme is for anyone working on the front line during the November lockdown and you will receive:

  • Pre-recorded videos to support you with any overwhelm, overthinking and stress you may be experiencing.
  • A live group session with me to receive answers to all of your questions about how you’re feeling.
  • A closed and private Facebook group where you can interract with others who are experiencing the same as you (the Facebook group is not compulsory and it’s absolutely fine if you’d rather not join – it’s just an extra level of support there for you if you wish).
  • All content will be shared with you via email, and our live group session will be done via Zoom.

Starts Monday 9th November


Join us before 9th November!

Who is Sarie?

Hi, I'm Sarie!

I am your perfectly imperfect mind mentor, trained psychotherapist, as well as training in additional areas such as CBT, DBT, NLP, hypno, and more recently over the last 10 years a specialist anxiety coach. 

I spent the first part of my career in the corporate world working in a variety of sales roles, finishing up running a division of a recruitment agency. I then embarked on the next part of my career training as a psychotherapist, whilst also working on a variety of projects in the criminal justice service, probation and prisons. You could say I had a varied career until I found my purpose and passion, exactly where I am now! 

Featured in:

MEN (Manchester evening news)

Thrive blog

Hot Mess Mums Podcast

BBC Radio Manchester

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Why choose Sarie?

What others say about Sarie...

“I found it so helpful to recognise that it was my thoughts that were controlling my feelings. Seems obvious but once you are totally aware of it then it’s much easier to be rational. Loved all the videos on the 5 Day Challenge. Big thumbs up from me

What others say about Sarie...

“Whenever I feel an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or dread, I hear your voice and picture your face in the videos and it instantly puts me at ease and reminds me of all the important messages you shared. “

What others say about Sarie...

“Day 3 of watching your videos and already I’m taking onboard what you’re saying. Thank you.”

What others say about Sarie...

“I’m on day 3 and I love it.  It is all making sense particularly the bit about the light always coming on as my biggest issue with panic has always been what if I don’t calm down or what if this is the worst ever panic. I also need to let go of control too. Thank you.

What others say about Sarie...

“I loved the 5 Day Challenge, so many things slotted in to place rang true. I need to now put it in to practise. Thank you.”

What others say about Sarie...

“I’ve just watched the first video and am already feeling more positive!”

What Others say about sarie

“Sarie, please can I just say a big thank you. I am on day three of your overwhelm online course and I am finding it so helpful.”