Living Your Best Life Members Club 

This private members club is my favourite place to be! It’s a community that I adore coaching, as well as it being a place for my own continued exploration of all things 3 principles!

This is a safe space for those that have heard something in my videos, completed any of my courses, or read one of my manuals, to continue to explore with me and other like minded people.

Here is a bit of what other members have said about the club…

“Sarie has the ability to explain the unexplainable using personal experiences and everyday events. She openly shares these in the group to support members. It’s a safe place to share, there’s no judgement, no shoulds or should nots. Amazing xx”

“I look forward to the videos and can post in the group where others can give advice and knowing others are going through what you are is helpful makes you feel less alone”

“I love being a part of this group! It’s made me feel less isolated in my feelings and experiences and I’ve found so much comfort in being able to relate to both Sarie and the other group members. It’s helped me better understand my symptoms and thoughts and I feel like I’ve come such a long way since joining!”

I set this members club up as a safe space for those who wanted to continue to explore how human nature works, deepen their understanding of the 3 principles after they have completed any of my courses, books or one to one sessions. The group also welcomes those completely starting from fresh too!

When I originally came across the 3 principles and started to feel so much less anxious and generally more content in life, of course I wanted more! I wanted to keep exploring and so I wanted to create a space for those who found themselves in the same place as me.

Who is in the online group?

*Me! Sarie Taylor, Psychotherapist, and specialist anxiety coach.

*Other professionals who also want to explore to help their clients.

*Parents who want to explore to help their children, or simply want to feel less anxious or overwhelmed themselves in their parenting journey.

*Adults who want change and more peace of mind in their own lives & relationships.

The main thing is that we will ALL be looking in the same direction no matter who we are, or why we are in the group.


WHAT IF I DO NOT USE FACEBOOK? I have a number of members who do not use Facebook. Obviously you would not be able to access the private group, however you can email or message me any questions you have and you will have a log in where you access all video recordings outside of Facebook. You can just watch these in your own time. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS… The full terms and conditions are available at the checkout however I just wanted you to know that you can cancel, or downgrade your membership to basic at any time. You would just need to cancel online or contact me before your next payment date. There are no questions asked, we do have people leave, this is because they understand so much more and are off to get on with their lives! 

Don’t just take my word for how amazing this Membership is… here’s what someone else (who prefers to stay anonymous) has to say:

“I think you have helped me from the bottom of the thinking pit! A lost worry cycle making me feel hideous, you even helped me diminish that feeling. I know I have a way to go to correct some of these thinking habits I’ve created by myself but I trust in your words of wisdom and I believe that you totally get it. As you’re a professional its reassuring that you know your stuff and you’re not just saying it to make people feel better, it’s TRUE. You just totally get it!! It’s just the way you word it I can always put it to my thoughts or situations. I know now I’ll get there and your help has been invaluable so I just wanted to say thank you so much xxx”