Anxiety is a F*#!@? OR IS IT?



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In all honesty I have been threatening to write this book for over 10 years since my traumatic experience of anxiety and spending a month in the priory. Since then I have trained as a psychotherapist, had years of therapy myself, as well as training in and trying lots of other therapies such as NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT and read 100’s of self help books.
Yet to a degree, although there was an improvement, I still feared the next time I would have the dreaded anxiety. Sat here now putting pen to paper, I see that it was never the right time to write the book and that I was always meant to wait. It’s only in recent years that I came across the 3 principles, originally described by Sydney Banks. It was when I came across these principles that I gained more clarity than I have ever had about my own struggles with anxiety, as a result this completely changed my relationship with anxiety.
Do I still get anxious? Of course.
Does it stop me living my life? Absolutely not.
I don’t fear the normal, natural human feeling of anxiety anymore. In fact I can safely say that I see it as a gift just like any other feelings. It’s a warning sign, a feeling that is valid and important, one I need to listen to, not run from. It keeps me alive!
There have been times in my life where if someone had said that to me I would probably have wanted to punch them!
At the very least I would have thought they were ignorant, didn’t understand and were smug and annoying!
It’s not about bragging and saying look how much easier and enjoyable my life is now, it’s about giving hope to as many people as I possibly can, the kind of hope I would have died for when I was in hospital, yet couldn’t find it anywhere! This book is a way of me sharing with you exactly how I got here so that it may inspire you to begin your own journey of discovery, with access to some hope for the future.
Let’s get changing your relationship with anxiety! You can pre order the book buy hitting the button. The book costs £11.99 plus delivery of £1.65 and is currently only available for delivery within the UK. Hopefully I will be able to ship abroad nearer the time of release. The book will be available for delivery in September.
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