How do I stop worrying?

How do I stop worrying and overthinking everything?

The long and short of that, is you don’t.

The reason you don’t stop worrying is because worrying is part of human nature.

Everyone worries.

Some people define themselves as worriers, other people say they don’t worry at all. The truth of the matter is, no matter on what level or what degree it is, we all worry.

Once we realise and accept that we worry, we can then start to become ok with it.

What I mean by that is whether you’re worried about money, or you’re worried about work, your child or relationship – what ever you’re worried about, it is normal to have those worries.

Once you figure that thing out that you’re worrying about right now, and you get rid of that worry, what’s going to happen is another worry will come along in it’s place because, realistically, although life can be fabulous, it can also be pretty crap at times and there will always be things to worry about.

We all worry, it’s part of human nature.

BUT there’s a difference between worrying about stuff and knowing it’s part of human nature, to lying in bed at night going over a million things and worries. That’s excessive worrying. It’s not comfortable and it’s not nice. Worrying excessively can really impact our lives in a negative way.


The biggest shifts for me in my mind in terms of my relationship with anxious feelings:

  1. Realising fully that anxious feelings and worries come 100% from our thinking. We are experiencing every single feeling that we have through our thoughts.
  2. I Became comfortable with the discomfort of certain feelings and thoughts.

Becoming comfortable in my discomfort was a huge game changer for me.

I spent a lot of my time feeling anxious about being anxious, feeling worried about being worried. It was completely unnecessary.

In life, there is discomfort. Things happen that we don’t want to happen. Things crop up that we don’t want to crop up. We can have thoughts pop up completely randomly from no where that we can’t control.

Once we realise that we can be comfortable with some level of discomfort, the less you fear the discomfort, and the less it actually shows up – it happens naturally.

I tried everything. I spent thousands on trying to fix myself. Really, what changed worrying and overthinking for me was the understanding that everything comes from the inside out, and we can change it with our thoughts.

There’s no better way to change your life than understanding how human nature works. Every week I work with the community in my Membership to help them understand and overcome.

We’re all born innately well. We’re not born anxious or worriers.

You won’t ever stop worrying or overthinking but you CAN get to a point where it doesn’t have to take over your life.

You just need to understand how human nature works and accept there will be times where you feel some discomfort.

Sarie x

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