We can overcomplicate so much of our life through overwhelm, life is not meant to be difficult, even with the challenges it throws us.

Let’s change that and rather than feeling exhausted, frustrated and disappointed, I will help you fall in love with life. 

“Understand your life in a way you never thought possible, not chasing dreams, but actually making them a reality”. 

This understanding that we will explore will not be a sticking plaster, it will actually make a permanent difference, you will become your own life coach and your biggest cheerleader.

The membership is a safe, warm and welcoming place to explore all you need to know about what it means to be a human being, and as a result falling in love with all aspects if your life, including your work!

Does This sound familiar?

  • You know you are getting in your own way but have no idea where to start to change it.
  • You never have the time to put yourself first and really listen to your own needs and desires. 
  • You go through stages where you may make progress but it just never seems to stick.
  • You feel you want more but it just seems much easier for others to do that than it does for you.
  • You compare yourself to others too often.
  • You feel guilty putting yourself first even though you would love to.
  • You get to a point where things build up so much you just don’t feel like doing anything, procrastination sets in.
  • It can all feel a bit all or nothing, living in fear of overwhelm & burnout.
  • Imposter syndrome creeps in even when you are making steps in the right direction.
  • You want to experience more love and joy in your life…

It Doesn’t have to be this way

I really do understand. I was in a cycle of all of the above, and more, for many years. At one point in my early twenties I even ended up being hospitalised with sever anxiety and depression. Despite going on to train as a psychotherapist, although I was able to ‘manage’ better, I didn’t really love my life (I would pretend at times), and then I would get to a point every 18 months to 2 years where I would again suffer with such extreme anxiety that I would be off work for a few months at a time and feel like I had gone back to square one. I was probably classed as a high achiever for many years but it always seemed to come at a cost and I would get to a certain point and feel stuck.  

I help primarily help women in business who feel overwhelmed, stuck and tired of telling themselves, ‘one day when’. They have frustrations and fears of getting it wrong and having to do it all, leaving them exhausted and dissatisfied. I help them to be able to unashamedly reveal the best version of themselves, with clarity, courage and intention. Enabling them to completely fall in love with life from the inside out.

What If I told you…

One of the biggest problems, and common in around 90% of people I work with is that they have tried so many ways to ‘feel better’, ‘fix’ ourselves and somehow try and ‘force’ ourselves to do better! This doesn’t work, believe me I tried!

I have every certificate under the sun, including having trained as a psychotherapist, and I still went round in the same cycles of self sabotage, exhaustion and then complete lack of motivation, or belief in where I was at.

Thankfully I was eventually able to see things very differently! I finally saw what it means to be a human being, how amazingly capable and equal we all are.

The irony all along was that my worries about not being as good as others, or capable of achieving my dreams and desires, were actually keeping me from them.

The more I saw this, the quieter my mind became, and the more efficient, motivation and easy my work & life became. It’s not meant to be difficult, yes we all face challenges, but they don’t have to be all consuming or keep us stuck.  

Another huge side effect to this new understating & awareness I had, the more consistent and grounded I became in all areas of my life, it became easier, I started to experience more joy than ever before with the ease of experiencing whatever life threw at me with a constant knowing that I was on the right track.

I want to help you live your life with more ease and joy, be more more successful in business and life without having to ‘do’ more. 


Imagine becoming your own biggest cheerleader, feeling empowered and confident in life decisions. You would feel more able to take a leap and trust yourself, and be the best version of yourself, you have so much to offer.

Imagine you could really see and believe that modern consistently.

Imagine what you could actually achieve if you didn’t get in your own way or talk yourself out of things? 

Imagine no matter what life shows you, you were able to prioritise yourself, and recover much more quickly, reset and continue making progress regardless. 

Imagine if you already had everything you needed at your finger tips? Well I can assure you that you do, just just don’t see it. You may see glimpses of it but I want you to see it consistently. 


What I share and explore with you in this membership are the principles that changed my life completely.

As well as changing my relationship with anxiety in a way that no therapy or other treatment ever did for me, it improved every aspect of my life; parenting, relationship, as well as my business and work life balance. 

I know that you can too and I can say that with confidence without even knowing anything about you!

How? Well because as a human being you work in the same way as me and everyone else.

How do some people appear to have more success and less overwhelm than others? It’s understanding & awareness, along with the confidence to put ourselves fully forward into our lives even with a risk of judgement and failure, knowing that we will get to where we want to be.

I want to show you how and be alongside you every step of the way. 

What Can You Expect In The Membership?

  • Group Coaching sessions live once a week;
  • Book Club once a month;
  • Guest Experts;
  • Optional Community Facebook Group;
  • Private Forum to ask any questions you have;
  • Access to video, audio and transcripts of monthly teachings;
  • Me!
  • Above all a WORLDWIDE safe, honest and open space to explore the principles that changed my life as well as the lives of thousands of others!

How Much Is Your Investment In You?

You can choose to pay for your subscription monthly, or you can invest in an annual subscription to receive a £70 saving.



Who is Sarie?

Hi, I’m Sarie!

I am your perfectly imperfect mind mentor, trained psychotherapist, as well as training in additional areas such as CBT, DBT, NLP, hypno, and more recently over the last 10 years a specialist anxiety coach. 

I spent the first part of my career in the corporate world working in a variety of sales roles, finishing up running a division of a recruitment agency. I then embarked on the next part of my career training as a psychotherapist, whilst also working on a variety of projects in the criminal justice service, probation and prisons. You could say I had a varied career until I found my purpose and passion, exactly where I am now! 

Featured in:

MEN (Manchester evening news)

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Why choose Sarie?

What others say about Sarie...

“I say don’t hesitate, go for it, it will be the best self investment you ever make for yourself. Sarie knows her sh*t and I can guarantee you will benefit from the membership”

What others say about Sarie...

“If you are anxious there is only one stop. Sarie talks to you like a bestie. Down to earth and an honest description of thought and feelings and so an understanding of anxiety. Takes the fear away. “

What others say about Sarie...

“Its an international club that is very respectful and private. That’s everyone is here for similar reasons and willing to be vulnerable in order to learn. We try hard to learn from each other’s insights and experiences. Maybe one day we will meet in person!”

What others say about Sarie...

“I would currently tell anyone thinking of joining, to absolutely join this supportive group. Sarie is brilliant at getting you to look at things differently, she gives you hope that things can and will change for the better for you, and is very down to earth and easy to relate to. Sarie is always there for us, giving us encouragement and answering our questions. “

What others say about Sarie...

“I would tell anyone dealing with anxiety and panic to absolutely join!! Complete;y changed my relationship with anxiety and panic over the last year and a half, I can’t even believe how far I have come and how differently I see things now!”

What others say about Sarie...

“Best decision I ever made!”

What Others say about sarie

“I would tell anyone dealing with anxiety and panic to absolutely join!! Complete;y changed my relationship with anxiety and panic over the last year and a half, I can’t even believe how far I have come and how differently I see things now!”