Why do Tweens get stressed or anxious?


For the same reasons any of us do! Through our thinking. We experience every minute, and every moment of every day, through our own thoughts, our own perception.


It’s no wonder that as we grow up, and have much more to deal with and think about, that we may experience more anxious thoughts and worry.




Individuating from our parents


Peer pressure

Hormones and much much more!


However, the good news is…..as this is all experienced through our own perception and our thinking, we can change it! Anxious thoughts, equal anxious feelings, and so as we reduce the impact of that anxious thinking, the overwhelming feelings subside too.


The online course goes ahead over the course of a month. I will teach your child all about the 3 principles that I coach – Mind, Thought and Consciousness, in a way that is easy for them to understand.


How will this help them?


**They will start to see their innate wellbeing, and trust themselves and their bodies more!


**They will start to understand the true nature of thought – that they are thoughts not truths!


**They will understand more about their moods and relationships with others, so that they start to see how human nature works, and that we are all the same in a lot of ways – we are ALL OK.


I do not need to bring up your child’s worries if they do not want to talk about that. They can learn all about these principles, just like they would learn any other subjects – BUT – the difference in the way they are, when knowing these things, will make a big difference to how they understand themselves, and hence how they feel!


“I just wanted to let you know that our daughter has had a brilliant start to Year 10, she seems really motivated and happy and is doing well in subjects she’s always struggled with, the Sciences and Maths. She was telling us this morning that it’s all down to her chats with you, and that you’ve taught her to think positively about things she felt anxious about before. 


So. Once again, many thanks for all your work”.


You will get a pre recorded video twice a week over 4 weeks. Every Monday and Friday. You can then email me with as many questions as you like over that 4 week period. Either you or your tween can email me with questions. You can complete this work together, or just let your tween watch themselves. There is also an introductory video for parents to explain more about how it all works, and how you can support your tween throughout their journey!


If you have any further questions at all about this, then feel free to message me. Please use the button below to secure your place.