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If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world”.Sydney Banks

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If you suffer with ANXIETY, OVERTHINK everything, or simply know you are not LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, then  you have come to the right place!

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“I listened to one of Sarie’s short video’s, and literally couldn’t believe that it highlighted something so simple and effective, yet I had never realised it before and it was totally getting in my way!” (Follower)

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I have worked with many trainers and teachers over my 20 year career as a therapist in education and Sarie stands out among them. Sarie delivered a days training to a group of teachers who had various levels of understanding of mental health and it's impact on young people . I was impressed that Sarie took full responsibility for the teachers different level of knowledge within the Keys Stage 3 alternative education provision based at Lostock Secondary School . Sarie was able to facilitate and participated in all different topics set out for the day such as Child development, Transactional Analysis and Parenting . It can be difficult to find a good trainer who is able to captivate the majority of their audience however Sarie managed this very well and teachers came and spoke about how much they had enjoyed Sarie's training day . Sarie is a very personable woman who is very approachable and can make people feel at ease instantly . She carries out every responsibility well and in a timely manner.


I can't recommend Sarie and Jacci enough, I attended one of their behaviour management courses when I was working in an inner city school with high deprivation, and therefore I had various behaviour issues within my classroom. Their course gave me the skills to feel equipped and confident to manage the behavioral challenges that lay ahead, and to give the children the confidence and self esteem to manage their own behaviours. I presently work in a different school with an entirety different cohort of children economically and developmentally, and I still apply the same methods and techniques from my course. I would certainly recommend Jacci and Sarie.


I’d like to thank Sarie & Jacci for the insightful course that a member of my staff attended and the information that is already benefiting the staff and young people within our school and other provision. Put into practice, we see the concepts continuing to provide a calmer and more tranquil learning environment at EdStart. We look forward to working in partnership with you in the future.


We really enjoyed the course, it was relaxed and fun but at the same time we learnt a great deal. As foster parents and social workers it can be really difficult finding strategies in difficult times, but this course was ful of them. We were also able to reflect on ourselves and how the work we do may be impacted by how we think and feel as individuals. We would highly recommend Sarie & Jacci

Staff and Foster Parents at Flint County Council

I just wanted to feedback how much I enjoyed the training last night, and I’m already recommending it to lots of my friends and colleagues. I found the structure of the 2 day training excellent, as it allows you to thoroughly understand all parts, at the right pace. The training was really interactive and I enjoyed listening to everyone’s experiences and having the opportunity to ask lots of questions. I have come away with lots of strategies to use with my children, I love that the approach instils self-worth and esteem and I truly believe the approach and training should be rolled out nationally. Thanks again Sarie and Jacci for a great training event.


I am so excited and that’s just reading it, I have been practising a little bit with my eight year old daughter, but had intentionally wanted to use for our 14 year old foster girl. My mind is already made up, it will become our way of life, just need a little time in my own head to re adjust myself.

Trainee of Parent Plus Online Course