I’m Sarie Taylor, The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor.  I am a coach and a trained psychotherapist, who specialises in helping those who are getting in their own way to get change FAST! 

Don’t over-complicate things & don’t stay stuck! – Let me help you make that change TODAY, it doesn’t need to take forever! Don’t waste any more time without a Healthy Mind!

If you suffer with ANXIETY, OVERTHINK everything, or simply know you are not LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, then you have come to the right place!


The first thing I need you to know is you are not alone.

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What Do Others Say?

I did the one week anxiety course with Sarie and it was really informative. Sarie replied to my emails daily which was fab and continued to do so even after the week had ended which was so kind of her when I was in a difficult place. Sarie posts free things all the time on FB which is amazing as she gives up her own time to do so.

Thank you Sarie, I would recommend the one week anxiety course for anyone suffering with any sort of anxiety as the techniques and information is widely


I just wanted to give a little shout out to Sarie for all the support she gives us all! Not just the weekly videos but for the extra ones in between, the unlimited questions we can ask, always replying to messages and comments… where else would you get
support like that from a trained therapist for what we pay?

And just for being non- judgemental, understanding and real with us all. 
Thanks Sarie xx


Sarie has the ability to explain the unexplainable using personal experiences and everyday events.

She openly shares these in the group to support members. It’s a safe place to share, there’s no judgement, no shoulds or should nots.

Amazing xx


Hi, I'm Sarie!

I am your perfectly imperfect mind mentor, trained psychotherapist, as well as training in additional areas such as CBT, DBT, NLP, hypno, and more recently over the last 10 years a specialist anxiety coach. 

I spent the first part of my career in the corporate world working in a variety of sales roles, finishing up running a division of a recruitment agency. I then embarked on the next part of my career training as a psychotherapist, whilst also working on a variety of projects in the criminal justice service, probation and prisons. You could say I had a varied career until I found my purpose and passion, exactly where I am now! 

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